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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
There were a few articles implying that Kuester is a pretty good offensive coach..The question is how good is he really?
If he is good, how possible is it that
a. Kobe and other players choose to freelance and do their thing.
b. The players are still adjusting, having to forget the triangle offense and learn the new play patterns in still limited time. I do think they are prioritizing on executing/practicing thier defensive schemes.

Kuester was a disaster in Detroit. Didn't anybody see what happened there last season???? The players basically revolted against him. It wasn't guys in the league who were known as divas either. Even Tayshaun Prince (of all people) couldn't get along with Kuester. He's quite possibly the worst head coach the Pistons have ever had in the history of their franchise.
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