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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by Da Kobester
What has Brown done for us lately give us a 6-14 road record and now just to salvage a mediocre record on the road we need to go 11-2 which is a joke! Well thanks to mike brown ofcourse an overrated defensive minded coach which would be good if only he was to implement an offensive minded team that can coexist as a cohesive unit instead of just letting kobe chucking up atrocious circus shots after another and not feeding our hungry bigs in the post is out of the texture! Well atleast kobe will get himself a scoring title eventhough he doesn't have the nucleus in him to share the rock more often in getting the larry o'brien trophy?
Yet they have the best home record in the NBA so it's not a coaching problem alone. You can't point one way and blame the coach because if you do then you have to turn around and give him heaps of praise the other way.

It's not anyone aspect of the game

Lakers role players stepping up on the road would help the most. Horrible when they get away from Staples worst in the league.

Kobe needs to realize his 2008 game is not coming back other than cameo appearances now and then.

The coaches need to make adjustments that keeps Pau and Bynum engaged and gets the role players in a spot to play their roles.

The front office needs to help all of them out one way or the other. Make a big trade that changes the course of the franchise for years to come or make a small move that helps in the short term

Fans need to realize the monumental task it is turning the page on a dynasty run and not expect so much so soon.

Phil retired, Tex is gone, those days are over and they're not coming back.

As for the team turning against Brown. Yeah sure! This is out there by the same media that has so far this season involved the Lakers in every trade discussion possible and some not even possible.
It's become a joke and actually quite depressing how far down the wrong road LA sports media has traveled, new era I guess, I miss Jim Murray from the Times and the long defunct Herald Examiner crowd. That was sports coverage that dealt in facts and named names and didn't hide behind anonymous sources to call someone out.

There's some good ones out there in LA but by and large most these guys became sports writers because they were fans first then writers. Jim Murray could write about anything, any sport or anyone with passion and dignity. There's no dignity in the profession today for the most part. Nothing but a bunch of people trying to make more noise than the guy at the laptop next to him.

Saddest part is the fanbase buys this garbage as fact and neglects critical thinking skills, goes running to the computer to jump up and down and scream look I'm Right I'm Right I"m Right, You're Wrong PFFFFTTTTT. Tweet away America

I'm just waiting for the one where they start suggesting using the amnesty clause on Kobe. Oh wait it's already been suggested
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