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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by BØBØ
That would be the same Pistons that revolted against Larry Brown? Then Flip Saunders?
Then Mike Curry?
Then Kuester?

And now residing at 13-26 under another head coach? It's not coaching problem in Detroit it's an ownership problem and has been for years

The Pistons front office gave up control of the team to the players when they didn't back Larry Brown following a title run. That team is a zoo from top to bottom.

Larry Brown over stayed his welcome. It's not like that guy was ever so loved anywhere that he just decided to stay for the long haul. He's been with about every team in the league. Flip Saunders was a terrible hire. He sucked in Washington too by the way..... he's another guy who shouldn't be a head coach. Do you remember who didn't like Saunders??? One of LA's own, Rasheed Wallace! Could you see any other team in the league hiring Michael Curry???? Frank has done a decent job with what he has. Ever since Joe D decided they needed to rebuild and traded Chauncey Detroit has just lacked the talent. With a top 3 pick this year they'll be back in the mix of things. They have some really nice young pieces. Detroit doesn't do a good job of hiring coaches. The last good one they had there was Carlisle but that was back when he was a jerk to about everyone and he rubbed management the wrong way. Regardless of all of that, Kuester was by far the worst of the bunch. Why should a team like the Lakers be going after a coach (even as an assistant) who did such a bad job, with a team that just wasn't very good?
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