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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

LMFAO at guys who are trying to actually defend these clowns

Oh......then turn around and try to blame the messenger Oh it's the writers....the same ones talking about possible trades...well, isn't it their job to talk about trades and what the players are telling them????
Blame the messenger really is.
Some clowns want to pretend that everything is fine.....come on guys grow a brain and put on the big boy's not like we're talking about your momma
It's not just the media.....James Worthy is bashing Brown.....try asking Magic how he feels. I've got guys who played in the league and talk to these guys and they are not happy with big mystery here.

Lakerfreak......there is no point in arguing with you....some people just don't get it and don't learn. Thankfully there are enough guys who don't believe it's raining when their boots are being p!ssed on

As for Brown......I have met him and have a player I coached for a long time who plays with his son, so I hear quite a lot about what he says and how he is as a person......I said I like, NOT love him as a person.
I spent a considerable amount of time with DFish in the past and he's right there with Magic as a person you have to love. Class all the way!!!!

It doesn't matter what team Brown coaches....dude is NOT a good head coach period!!! Not on ANY team. A smart coach looks at what he has and figures out how to get the most out of it.....not try to fit a square peg in a round have to work with what you have. A classic case in point was the 1980 finals when Pat Riley put his rookie PG at Center in game 6 and won the title....he didn't whine about what he didn't have, he found the best option for what he did have. Brown lacks any creativity or offensive IQ.

Would I confront Kobe when he's missing and shooting wildly......YES!!!!
Brown doesn't have the balls, he's grateful that Kobe is allowing him to coach.......seriously....WTF is that???? How is that authority????
I brought that up to some of my guys and they laughed.
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