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Default Re: Make moves before the deadline?

Originally Posted by gigantes
having said that, i would entertain trade offers for hump. he's a valuable commodity and it's a miracle he decided to stay for one more season. but, you know, i wouldn't count on lightning striking twice. anyway, a lot of playoff teams could certainly use him soon, and if they wanted to give up a player with big upside to get him, i would at least listen.

Yeah I dont think Humps staying another season, the Nets were so surprised no one offered him any thing after he averaged a double double last season (guess they thought it was a fluke). Since hes doing it again this season I can see him going to a team that needs a glue guy next season.

As much as I like Hump, I dont think hes a good fit for Dwight. I feel like we need someone that can consistently make that 10-15 foot jumper (Hump is really inconsistent in that area). Hes essentially been our 2nd best player this season consistently playing hard and rebounding like a beast. I'm gonna miss the guy.
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