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Default Re: Make moves before the deadline?

Originally Posted by MTing
As much as I like Hump, I dont think hes a good fit for Dwight. I feel like we need someone that can consistently make that 10-15 foot jumper (Hump is really inconsistent in that area). Hes essentially been our 2nd best player this season consistently playing hard and rebounding like a beast. I'm gonna miss the guy.
'tis goot point, ya. if only we could get a combination of the two 'types' of PF... the banger and the shooter. i mean, hey... kmart might be available again in the offseason! (not that his knees likely have much left)

maybe the best thing hump could do is to go to rob mclanaghan's camp that love, rose and westbrook have been doing the past two seasons. results have been phenomenal for all three, not least of which is raising their shooting percentages.

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
This. Slogan: Howard or bust.
just that i'm getting really tired of the situation. it's like a long, drawn-out hostage drama in which the hostage-taker keeps changing his mind every 15 minutes about what he wants from the authorities.
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