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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Why, because Washington gave up twice as much as the Raiders? RG3 is talented but there's no such thing as a sure thing at QB. Look at how the Hershel Walker trade blew up on Minnesota, the failure of the Saints' Ricky Williams deal. Football is too much of a team game to be trading 3 firsts and a second for 1 first. You can easily miss on a "great" QB prospect, look at Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch and so many others.

if history has taught us anything, we should all know that the odds are one of either Luck or RG3 will "bust"

it would be very rare for both of them to hit...although it could happen

both of these QBs have a whole lot of expectations to live up to, that's for sure...
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