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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Why, because Washington gave up twice as much as the Raiders? RG3 is talented but there's no such thing as a sure thing at QB. Look at how the Hershel Walker trade blew up on Minnesota, the failure of the Saints' Ricky Williams deal. Football is too much of a team game to be trading 3 firsts and a second for 1 first. You can easily miss on a "great" QB prospect, look at Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch and so many others.

Uh, gave up twice as much?

Redskins lost: 2 1st rounders, 1 2nd rounder
Raiders lost: 1 1st rounder, 2 2nd rounders

for their QB. The difference is that Palmer was already in the league 8 years and showed noticable decline in his physical skills. His arm looks noticably weaker than when he was drafted and he can't really move around a lot. More than half of his starting NFL career was over (the better half) at the time he was acquired. OAK wasn't making an investment for a QB to have 10+ years.

Griffin shows remarkably high immeasurables in areas like leadership and smarts. His impact will be on every facet of the offense and in other areas of the organization. Spending what we did on a rookie is way more responsible than someone that time hasn't been kind to in Palmer. You can't think scared just because of recent history or bad luck. That's a fan mentality. An NFL exec has to be confident in their team's instincts and scouting abilities.

If the conviction is there to bring in a guy who will change the franchise and is projected to be highly successful at the next level, you do what you can to secure him. Esp a franchise QB. As bad as WSH has been recently, they were never bad enough to naturally be in position to grab college prospect #1 or 2. This was the time to make a move like this and the iron was hot to strike on an elite generational talent at the QB position. Having a bright eager mind with sub 4.4 speed and an accurate deep ball with no glaring weaknesses run your offense doesn't come around very often.

The Skins will not regret this move from a football OR business stance. Washington has a superstar on their team, it's been awhile.
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