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Default Why Muslims Couldn't have mastermind 9/11 WHEN...

The 'Confessions' Of Khalid
Sheikh Mohammed
From Nila Sagadevan

According to the headline article on BBC's front page, KSM is claimed to have admitted to the kangaroo court that tried him:

" I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z."

KSM's confession was announced to the world by the very people who routinely torture prisoners, hold secret military trials behind closed doors, and bar all lawyers and reporters from being anywhere near the courtroom.
But you do believe them, don't you?

(Boy, is this going to confound the millions of FoxNews- and Limbaugh-trained Bushie buffoons who still believe Saddam did it!)

Now, if I could ask KSM a few questions to satisfy my own nagging curiosity, here's what they'd be:

1. If you were indeed "responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z" as you claim you were, why did your boss, Usama, categorically deny the attacks in 2001?

If you guys really are the arch-enemies of civilization, then the strike against your most hated enemy on 9/11 would have been something for you to shout about. After all, none of your operatives were caught prior to their missions; they successfully bypassed airport security; they successfully hijacked passenger jets and subdued the passengers; they successfully evaded a US military response; they successfully flew the planes with absolute precision even though they themselves barely knew how to fly; they successfully demolished the twin towers; and they successfully struck at the heart of the US military.

You claim you had masterminded and executed the most brilliant plan ever hatched, so you could rightfully have claimed with pride that you were a terrorist genius non pareil and the world's #1 bad guy back in 2001, yet Usama denied all responsibility in an interview he gave Ummat Magazine immediately following 9/11. Why?

Oh, I get it! Usama wasn't kidding -- he didn't do it! That's why he isn't on the FBI's "most wanted" list! And that's why that agency has openly admitted there isn't a shred of evidence that ties Usama to the attacks. So it was you all along, you sly devil you!

2. Why did you inform a select group of bankers - and the CIA - of your plans?

It's clear you did, because it's been proved that pre-9/11 insider trading on United Airlines and American Airlines options lead directly to the highest ranks of the CIA. Investigations proved that none of your people benefited from any of these transactions. So what's with your desire to make the CIA brass rich? There was a jump in United Air Lines 90 times (not 90 percent) above normal between September 6 and September 10, and 285 times higher than average on the Thursday before the attack. There was a jump in American Airlines put options 60 times (not 60 percent) above normal on the day before the attacks. No similar trading occurred on any other airlines.
Between September 6-10, 2001, the Chicago Board Options Exchange saw suspicious trading on Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, two of the largest WTC tenants. An average of 3,053 put options in Merrill Lynch were bought between Sept. 6-10, compared to an average of 252 in the previous week. Merrill Lynch, another WTC tenant, saw 12,215 put options bought between Sept. 7-10, when the previous days had seen averages of 212 contracts a day.
According to Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg News: "This would be the most extraordinary coincidence in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence. This could very well be insider trading at the worst, most horrific, most evil use you've ever seen in your entire life. It's absolutely unprecedented."

Most of these transactions were handled primarily by Deutsche Bank-A.B.Brown, a firm which until 1998 was chaired by A. B."Buzzy" Krongard, who later became executive director of the CIA.

C'mon, KSM, level with me...How could you, the "arch enemy of America" wish for your enemies to benefit so hugely under your name?

3. Why did you ask FEMA to be in New York the day BEFORE 9/11?

FEMA emergency teams conveniently arrived in New York on 9/10 in preparation for an emergency "drill". If you didn't ask them to be there, who did? Or was this just an incredible coincidence?

Or perhaps you thought some of your chaps would survive the fireballs and require a little First Aid?

4. How on earth did you manage to divert NORAD's attention by getting them to play those silly war games that morning? And five of them? And some of the exercises actually involving 'live hijackings'? And you managed to pull all this off from a cave in Bora Bora? How?

5. Why did you tell Larry Silverstein months in advance to prepare WTC 7 for demolition?

You had to have told him -- Mr. Silverstein openly admitted that he "pulled" it. We all know "pull" is industry jargon for a controlled demolition. Silverstein couldn't possibly have had the building wired and loaded for a "pull" on the day your lads attacked us - it takes months of preparation to set up a building for a pull. So you had to have have told Mr. Silverstein of your plans well in advance.

What's your little thing with Lucky Larry?

6. Why did you inform, of all people, the Israelis of your plans?

If you didn't tell them, who did? Five cheering Israeli "art students" were videotaping your attacks on the Twin Towers as they happened, yelping shouts of joy and mockery. According to ABC's 20/20, when the van in which they were traveling was later stopped by the police, the driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers: "We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem."

Why did he feel that Palestinians were a problem for the NYPD? Also, there were traces of explosives discovered in the van. Since it was you who had to have told the Israelis about your plans, it surely must have been you who also supplied the explosives to the Israelis? What's with that?

7. How did you manage to get the entire United States Air Force to stand down on the day of your attack?

The US military has spent billions of dollars developing spy satellites, and stealth aircraft which are invisible to radar so they can mount surprise attacks on adversaries, but it seems they should have saved their money and bought a fleet of airliners, because they appear to be far more effective.

On 9/11 the world's only military superpower was apparently oblivious to the location of your hijacked airliners in it's airspace for almost two hours, and military commanders were left perplexed on how to deal with the situation of your flying aces using these planes as flying bombs - and wielding silly little boxcutters, no less. This confusion resulted in our fighter jets flying around aimlessly whilst the hierarchy fully assessed what was going on, and this total lack of cohesion ultimately led to the loss of nearly 3,000 lives. How did you know that all that was required to outsmart America's military might on 9/11 were 19 of your guys armed with box cutters aboard 4 airliners?

8. Why did you inform the US Secret Service that President Bush would not be a target?

President Bush's agenda on the morning of 9/11 had been widely publicized, so you must have known he was going to be at the The Booker Elementary School in Florida. The school video shows the Secret Service did not rush in to remove the President to a secure location, or at least to the safety of the armored Presidential Limousine. That's their job. That's what they do in the case of a real surprise attack with many unknowns. They don't do anything else.

But the Secret Service did absolutely nothing for 25 minutes after President Bush was told the nation was under attack (Neither did the president, but at least he had an excuse - he was busy reading about a pet goat). So our president must have known he was NOT one of the targets that morning. Why did you mercifully spare your arch enemy, when you could have nailed him in mid-sentence with another Boeing? Talk about a major feather in your cap! You'd have eclipsed your boss as #1 evildoer and become the darling of the entire 'evil' Islamic world. Why did you blow this brilliant opportunity when you had a sitting duck (goat?) for a target?

9. Why did you contact New York's authorities to inform them that the WTC 7 was going to collapse?

Again, you had to have, because they knew it was going to collapse. No steel-framed building had ever collapsed through fire prior to 9/11, but Giuliani and his cohorts knew! There was no factual or historical basis for this prediction. When was Giuliani warned? Why were only a select few people warned?

I just don't understand you, Khalid. You let Giuliani take all the credit and walk away with the mantle of Time's 'Man Of The Year' while you take it in the shorts and end up in Guantanamo?

10. How did you manage to plant explosives in the twin towers to ensure perfect collapses?

Explosives had to have been used, because all 3 towers collapsed into their own footprints at near-freefall speeds. This kind of collapse is impossible without explosives.

How did your boys gain access to these buildings months in advance of 9/11 in order to place and wire the explosives? You absolutely had to have been in cahoots with Bush's two cousins and their security company, Securacom, which provided security for the entire WTC complex, not to mention the airports from where your teams took off. How else could you have gained access?
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