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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

You guys are idiots. You'd trade your own mother in the package and argue "Its worth the cost.". Aaron Rodgers is a proven franchise QB. RGIII is not. To say its worth the cost given how much Redskins gave up is being silly.

I ask you two idiots this. Yes idiots I said. What is TOO much to give up for RGIII (#2 pick not even #1). Chances are no such cost exists in your mind.

Hey bozo, I didnt want RGIII in a Deadskins uniform because I'd have to root against the guy as my Eagles run thru that turnstyle OL and put RGIII on his back like a whore. 41 sacks given up, 108 QB hits (3rd in NFL behind Seahawks/Rams). I know I know you have $40mil+ in cap space so you can go out and sign OL help. As if no one else doesnt need it AND no one else has signficant cap space. I like the idea everyone will come to Wash, no one else. I like the idea no one else has cap space. But yeah good luck protecting your QB that cost didnt mean a thing.

This is fan desperation talk. JUST like Oakland Raiders fans who said the cost was worth aquiring Carson Palmer. Fans in the same boat, desperate for a QB as that is the biggest hole to sure up.

Throw in another 1st rd pick in 2015...I'll be here to read "worth the cost" from you.
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