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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Skins werent the only one offering Albert Painsworth big bucks. Its not uncommon for teams to be stupid. Again, you suck at making points. Weak posts are yours where you run behind "NFL teams know more than you. So I side with them instead of the stuff you're saying.". As if I cant walk down the list of draft picks teams flopped on. As if I cant walk down the list of free agents teams overpaid and saw that player underperform. As if I cant point to mistakes, bad judgement from teams. You speak as if one or more teams want to do a certain thing, well then no one can question/call it stupid. Get a clue.

Quote:'s Peter King tweeted Friday night: "Cleveland was in it, but didn't want to give three ones and a 2. Miami was in it, but couldn't go nuts w/Manning still in play."

Sources told the St. Louis Post Dispatch's Jim Thomas today that the Browns were prepared to give up their No. 4 and No. 22 picks this year as part of their package

Browns have yet to confirm or speak on the trade rumors of what they were said to have offered. I can believe Browns offered the 4th, 22nd pick then were reluctant to include next years first and decided to add 2012 2nd rd pick (basically their first THREE picks).

I dont buy the report you keep spewing.

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