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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Originally Posted by Bucket_Nakedz
i bought me3 on thursday, and didn't get to try until today. as soon as i was done on mars, i immediately stopped the game and bought mass effect on xbox live.

skipped the first one and started on me2 (favorite game on 360). even though i imported my me2 shepard, the story still felt incomplete during my first little sample on me3.

just started mass effect and boy does the combat suck (compared to the latter), but the story and characters are effin awesome as usual! just left the citadel to find and meet liara for the first time.

even though ive been hearing how bad me3 endings are, i think im going to just enjoy the journey from the beginning. mass effect is the king of sci-fi; fukk star wars!

3 is best overall game by far but part 1 is my second fav. So much story.
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