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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Tannehill is way behind Luck and Griffin developmentally. He's probably 2 years away from starting and if he starts before that, it'll be ugly growing pains.

In WSH's case, Shanahan doesn't have that long to try and shape a winner, he needs a prospect who is responsible and coachable enough to win ASAP. Tannehill played QB at A&M less than 20 games. He isn't ready to start in the NFL and if I'm wrong and he is, it's still way more of a risk than losing 2 1sts to win under this regime

I don't think Shanahan even wanted to trade for RG3 as he knows the pressure he'll have to succeed this season. It's practically playoff or bust year for the Skins and I don't think having a rookie QB will suddenly lead them to the playoffs. He can but it's going to be hard..

Skins should have signed Manning and drafted a QB in this year or next year's draft(Barkley?) That way Manning will have 2-3 years to start and you have your future QB getting groomed by a HOFer and you'll keep all your first round picks.
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