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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Geez, color me dissapointed. What a weak post, GOBBles dick.

Yes, Redskins fans are idiots just because the front office finally put ourselves in a position for a superstar at the QB position.

Not to mention that other teamS were willing to part with a hefty package of picks, including multiple first rounders.

Even RBA's 'super smart' front office of Holmgren and co. were pushin hard for Griff and threw out multiple firsts for the guy. All these NFL execs don't know shit compared to lifelong internet sewer dweller, Gobb.

Stick to playing electronic GM and armchair scout, it's what your best at.
It actually isn't true that Holmgren/Heckert were offering multiple first round picks. In fact, before this trade was announced, it was leaked that the Browns were unwilling to part with both of their first round picks this year (4 & 22). I am not sure where that STL reporter is getting his info, but that is contrary to what I have heard.

There is a reason that STL jumped on this now and didn't just wait until the draft to keep driving the hype/price up. The Redskins offered a package so far above and beyond what everyone else had offered, the Rams had no choice but to take it and run.

Maybe Holmgren and Heckert would have eventually added in that 22 pick to go along with the 4, but I am quite sure that they wanted to see him throw first at either his pro day or private workouts. As good as RG3's combine was, he never once threw the football. I just can't believe that the Redskins just gave up 2 first rounders and a second for a guy that they haven't even been able to work yet... haven't even seen him throw the football up close and personal.

And, I can't imagine our regime ever giving up that much or even close to it, even if he had an incredible workout. I'm not sure who Washington was bidding with that got the price that steep, but it wasn't the Browns.

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