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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
These type of games use DLC routinely; I would be shocked if a DLC isn't released down the line with a completely alternative ending (and where you decisions throughout the trilogy actually matter in the end).

Mass Effect 3 to me is by far the best game and I loved ME2.
I actually liked the ending, I always said:You learn more from movies with a bad ending, then from a good one. (same applies to video games since we get attached to the characters involved)

Yup I agree. See we are back on the same page for now . What I find funny is on Metacritic Mass Effect 3 is like a 94 or w/e..... but from fans it's a 4. All due to the Bioware fanboys bit*hing about the "bad" ending etc. I thought I'd hate it too based on what I heard... and yes it was sad... but all the moments in the game that lead up to it REALLY touched me.

I teared up a couple times and that hasn't happened to me in a game. I feel like even now 2 days after beating it.. like I miss Garrus, Mordin, Wrex and the crew.
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