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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
Exactly. Although you are speaking about Weber as if he is some new coach that needs experience.

No. He's an old coach that has experience but no way to make a team win.

I am not a "Weber Enthusiast"; I am trying to be the voice of reason. It could be any coach that we had in this situation.

And any coach who has performed the way Weber has for the LAST NINE YEARS would've been fired.

It's a "new era", new AD, both coaches fired... as they say, it's much easier to fire the current coach than it is to make a good hire.

I'm pretty sure that's not the saying. Also I'm sure firing Weber was not easy.

I don't think my analogy is terrible unless you deliberately try to misunderstand it so you can poke holes in it.

It is if you realize that running a country is much harder/different than running a basketball program.

If you look at Weber's coaching the Illini as a ten year block, you'd see what I mean. We were really good, then we fell off, and now as we are starting to get back to the correct level of talent, people want to get rid of him. But it's whatever...

There are teams that have much faster turnarounds than Weber. Programs that we can pit ourselves against. Are you telling me we have to go through an 6-8 year turnaround after every great 1-2 years we have? That's really awful. We should be resembling more like Wisconsin who's able to win consistently year after year without having to go through really bad troughs like we do.
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