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Default Re: The Official LakersDynasty Owes Me $50 Thread

Originally Posted by NASH = BEST
This is the best thread EVER on ISH

My thoughts after I read this thread are that

1. Laker fans have no honor


2. Why do Laker fans feel like they have the need to back up (their god) LD when he has clearly alienated himself from them?

Dont know what I'm talking about? Just ask Laker fan "Mariodeathgrip" how LD has treated him.

Well there is a few things wrong with this post

1)You can’t generalize all Laker fans because one guy squelches on a bet. Well you can of course I mean you have freedom of speech but to be honest it makes you look ignorant (not saying that you are but just to generalize an entire group for one guys actions is a bit much)

2)Once again you generalize Laker fans “backing up there god LD” from what I saw there was only 2 out of allot of Laker fans coming to his defense but when you look back you also had a Suns fan so are you going to generalize all Suns fans the same I think not

I will agree with your statement that he seems to be trying to alienate himself from other Laker fans he has been a bit unruly as of late. I defiantly don’t agree with the stance he took against Mario you want to disagree with someone fine but to question there fan hood because you are at an impasse with someone is absurd.
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