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Default Re: KU will choke again early in March Madness this year...

Originally Posted by KG215
Then those same people are as dumb as you. Apparently you have no idea how tough it is for a coach and his team to win five games in a row to just make the championship game, never mind six in a row to win a championship. Yes, Mario Chalmers hit a clutch shot in the end to win the game but, had Chalmers missed, it wouldn't have been a "choke-job" if Kansas had lost to Memphis.

Bill Self's tournament track-record isn't the best. Since he's been at Kansas he's had some higher seeded teams get upset. But it's also unfair to completely ignore that, on several occasions, those teams overachieved in the regular season based on preseason expectations. This season might have been Self's best coaching job yet.

I'm defending Self and Kansas but, since they appear to be the biggest threat to UNC before the Final Four, I can honestly say I will be rooting for and hoping that there's another mid-major or lower seeded team that has an upset in them when they face Kansas in the first three rounds.

Funny thing is I could care less about KU as well. Only Big 12 ties I've ever had were Ok State, and those are long gone. Just amazed at the idiocy of people. Every 1 or 2, short of the Final 4, are losing to an underdog. VCU went to the Final 4, but apparently it was only Kansas that choked. Butler got to two staight finals but teams didn't "choke" to get them there.

Sad thing is if KU loses...and odds are they a lower ranked team, people will crow like they knew something. Even worse, Detroit is the 15 that I felt had the best chance at an upset regardless of opponent. Legit size with two 6'10" guys, took most of their losses early in the season when they were missing key players, a very athletic wing who can score. When KU has struggled, it's been due to Withey not showing up. So I could be arguing against myself. But I'll trust KU's frontline and overall shooting.

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