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Default Re: KU will choke again early in March Madness this year...

Originally Posted by KG215
We're way past the day and age of mid-majors and majors. The "mid-majors" that make the tournament and win a game or two (at least) are filled with experienced seniors and juniors who have developed great chemistry over three or four seasons and know their coach's system inside and out. In contrast, we're seeing less experienced teams at a lot of the elite programs since their best talent comes and stays only one or two seasons. Yes, 7-8 times out of 10 the gap in talent, size, and athleticism for the elite programs is going to prevail, even in a one-game scenario, but it should be no surprise when a team chock-full of experienced and seasoned seniors and juniors "upsets" a team like Kentucky, Kansas, UNC, etc. who are playing a lot of sophomores, freshmen, and juniors who sat on the bench most of their freshman and sophomore years.

True. But that requires a much deeper thought process than pointing and screaming "CHOKERS! CHOKERS!"

And notice OP has still not committed to picking Detroit.
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