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Default Re: KU will choke again early in March Madness this year...

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Maybe, but there are differences even among Mid-Major teams. Among the four choking jobs Bill Self completed, the only excusable loss was the one against VCU last year because they were actually somewhat of a good team. Do not expect me to believe that teams like Bucknell were even supposed to win against any top teams.

Bucknell came in as an upset darling. They were among the better shooting teams in the country, playing 4-5 seniors, 3 of whom accounted for a lions share of the teams points. They also had a solid big man with legitimate size, one of the things that typically eludes that type of program.

They went on to beat much higher seeded Arkansas the next season in a first round game.

KU's #2 scorer was down with the flu. And, as far as "choking" goes, Bucknell had the game won with about 1:30 to go (ball and a 5 pt lead). Missed FT, 2 TO (only committed 7 previously in the game) and committed a dumb foul on an offensive rebound. Their big hit a running hook shot to win the game by 1.

Again, you are way out of your depth.
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