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Default I'm convinced

We have the dumbest fans and worst media in sports. I thought it was the Eagles who love to boo any and everything. I thought it was Atlanta who never shows up to games despite having a decent team. I thought it was the Redskins whose fans think they've won the Superbowl after every game. I thought it was the Cowboys who's fans haven't woke up since the 90's and still think theyre team is a dynasty. Now, I'm convinced. The Knicks and the Jets have some of the stupidest fans and media base in sports. We are so ridiculously kneejerk. Everytime we start losing, our fans want everyone to go. We'd rather build around fan favorites than elite talent.We keep bad coaches around forever and run stars out of town. On behalf of the few DIE HARD KNICKS FANS who have suffered through this for decades I want to say a resounding OUY KCUF! With a 10 foot pole (it's backwards for a reason).

I've watched ATL overpay Joe Johnson to underschieve. They don't boo him in ATL everytime he gets the ball. They dont call for his head everytime in the media.

If you pick up todays Daily News, the back page article is a giant TRADE MELO with his picture. Is it really that serious? He's been here ONE YEAR. This is Amare's SECOND YEAR. This is Lin's THIRD MONTH. This is Fields SECOND YEAR. This is Tyson Chandler's FOURTH MONTH. Wake the hell up! Got damn!

Sorry dipshits, but your way isn't working!!!! Blowing the team up and hiring the highest profile coach isn't working!!! Trying to resurrect has beens and overpaying guys with big names past their primes isn't working!!! Running stars out of town and building around fan favorites who are just decent isn't working!!! Hiring friends and people from within isn't working!!!


Albert Einsteins theory of insanity: "Trying something over and over and expecting a different result"


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