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No one is rooting against the team per se. But Knick fans know since Melo coming here the team hasnt been successful. Knick fans love effort, hustle, defense especially if you dont shoot well. We are actually the easiest fans to please if you do those things! If you dont, well of course the fans will boo. Amare didnt come here as a savior he was the consolation prize to a failed summer. In fans eyes the Knicks traded the whole team for Melo to come in as the "SAVIOR". If Melo performs well in total he could have the city in the palm of his hands like Lin does.

Take away the 9-3 record I think with Linsanity and what would the record be?

This report whether its valid or not is the worse publicity that will hurt Melo and put D'Antoni in a more positive light. The Knicks fans will say trade Melo then fire D'Antoni.
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