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Franchise the team was 8 - 15 Linsanity hits and the team plays with effort, hustle, defense, good flowing offense. Thats all fans wanted was that consistent effort. Whether it came against bad teams or not what drove the love was the energy!

The Knicks before and after that hasnt beaten anyone! They dont see the same effort and continuity. You cant dismiss that brief line of success because the Knicks hasnt played that succinct since then. It wasnt who was beaten but the effort! You cant dismiss that so easily like you are. This is what the Knicks bought into the effort, hustle, defense etc... winning was the result but the means was even more important.

I am not saying the fans want to keep D'antoni. I said if Melo wants to go then by all means let him get trade'm then fire or let D'antoni walk.

Why are you so hard on the fans for holding Melo accountable for his lack of impact play on any part of the court?
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