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Why are you so hard on the fans for holding Melo accountable for his lack of impact play on any part of the court?

Because ^^^ this is an assinine statement. Saying a guy who's leading the team in scoring and had to play 2 positions for us has a lack of impact is laughable. Saying a guy who was the catalyst in getting Lin playing time is a joke.

Furthermore, since when is the Post a reliable source of info. They are one of the most racist newspapers in the country. Why would a "reliable friend" tell Marc Berman anything, knowing it would blow up in Melo's face.

The Knicks before and after that hasnt beaten anyone! They dont see the same effort and continuity. You cant dismiss that brief line of success because the Knicks hasnt played that succinct since then. It wasnt who was beaten but the effort! You cant dismiss that so easily like you are. This is what the Knicks bought into the effort, hustle, defense etc... winning was the result but the means was even more important

So if Melo was still hurt, would we have won the games against the Heat, Bucks, Sixers,etc?

Why are you so hard on the fans for holding Melo accountable for his lack of impact play on any part of the court?
Because he's the ONLY person that seems to get ripped everytime we lose nd gets none of the credit anytime we win. When we win we won because of Lin or "Jeffries doing the things that don't show up in the stat sheets." It's ridiculous. Amare Stoudemire has played defense in a grand total of FOUR games, but is his ass on the hot seat? No! He gets paid just as much money as Melo if not more.

I NEVER said Melo shouldn't SHARE responsibility. But to place all the blame on a guy for the franchises woes, when we haven't won a playoff series since I was in JHS and a ring since the early 70's; that's assinine.

All I'm saying is, when you go out your way to blame Melo, do the same to everyone else. Theres enough to go around. Amare doesn't play ANY defense .He's 6'11 and only getting 7 rebounds. Lin is giving up 19 ppg to opposing pgs and avg 5 TO's a game. Shumpert has been good defensively, but offensively is inconsistent. Fields has looked like a backup most of the year and gives up way too many points. Our bench play has been putrid with the exception of Novak and Shumpert. JR is a newcomer and while he's erratic, I won't include him in the conversation yet. We've gotten virtually nothing out of our backup pgs. We have no backup SF. Jeffries..I'm not even going to go there and Harrelson has reverted back to the guy I told you he'd be.

BUT, with all that said, the main problem is and has been for the last 5 years, Michael Andrew D'Antoni! I don't care who is on his team. We aren't contending with him as a head coach.
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