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Default Re: Gotham City Imposters (PSN/XBLA/Steam)

Originally Posted by Kungfro
The deep freezer isn't a great gun, I just like using it. I'm surprised at how few people use motion sensor and targeting goggles. I had the top score one match with 1 kill and 52 assists. Huge advantage to see people through walls the entire match.

You should give the sub-machine guns a shot, I prefer them to the rifles.

Yeah I'm gonna set up a sub machine gun class. Any reccommendations?

Also I get crazy high assists with the motion sensor. Its hilarious. I never used the targetting goggles. Gonna give those a try. Didnt know such a thing existed.

Wait I've been in matches where players have been highlighted. I thought it was a graphic glitch but I guess that is someone using targetting goggles? Those are like the recon drone then.

Do you know if you can play in parties? If so, next time we're both on lets party up. I think I run into parties when I play stuff like Psyche Warfare which I hate but I'm trying to win on each map to unlock achievement.
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