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Default Re: What basketball jerseys do you wear when you play pickup games?

First, I'll preface by admitting that I do not wear NBA jerseys (or any jerseys for that matter) while playing basketball, so contrary to defending the idea of wearing Jordans during games because I partake in such a venture, in this case I defend folks who choose to wear jerseys simply because I see nothing wrong with it. In my eyes, a basketball jersey is a solid exercise outfit. It's not as if we're talking about wearing Timberlands or jean shorts on the court.

Through the years, I've heard the same criticisms about wearing jerseys that I've heard about people wearing accessories. Folks always brush the broad stroke and state anyone who wears any of those things must suck at basketball. Subsequently, that seems to lead to the belief that you guys feel all basketball players should only wear a pair of shorts, ankle socks, and a generic t-shirt. Personally, I have no issues here with wearing accessories or jerseys. It's not as if the folks wearing the jerseys are truly pretending to be the player they're representing. In fact, I don't find it terribly different from me wearing a generic Pistons shirt.

To get to the original post, if I were going to wear a jersey on the basketball court, it'd probably be this:

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