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Originally Posted by BarneyStinson
I have a huge problem with regards to confidence. I am a very solid, skilled basketball player BUT I CANT PLAY FULL-COURT. The court is so long and I get so anxious when I see the 5 opposing players. It's like there's no space and when I get the ball I freeze and this really pisses me off because I DONT want to play like this. I want to dominate like I am accustomed to on a half-court basis or when I am with my friends. When I play with strangers, I get scared.

I need help. I get scored to dribble the ball WTF...Help me...Nervous guy over here.
Just get in there and mix it up. I'm a relatively established basketball player (in comparison to my competition) and I still get anxious prior to playing against people I don't know. I'd suggest concentrating on aspects of the game outside of one-on-one play during a full court game. If you're scared to dribble or make a move, I say work on setting effective screens. Fill lanes on the fastbreak. Crash the boards like an animal. Find ways to scratch out some easy garbage points that don't require too much thought.

If you're real about it, there's nothing to fear about failure. If you miss all your shots one night and you turn the ball over like crazy, then a lot of the people you're playing with are probably going to think you suck. But then what? Are they going to go around their home city posting up pictures of your mug with "Worst Player Ever" written above it? Nope. No one's really going to care as long as you're working to get better.

Personally, I've had issues with players who thought highly of their own skills but were unwilling to work and were salty on the attitude front. That's where my problem comes in. But if I've got a teammate who's clearly timid but trying to improve his game (like you), I encourage them to continue working hard and to take chances. The truth is, you're not going to be able to avoid dribbling under pressure in a full court game only to one day suddenly develop that ability with age. Instead, you're not going to develop that ability until you fight through your fear enough to work on these abilities during actual games. With time, things will begin to come together.

On top of everything else, if you can pinpoint certain abilities you're self-conscious about, practice. I understand at some point it seems all the time we've put in to practicing goes out the window once that fear begins to creep in, but practicing's going to be a very important factor in the process. The idea is to slowly transition from the thoughts of, "Can I do this" to "I know I can do this."

It's alright to be scared, just don't let it control you.
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