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it's not knee jerk to want to trade amar'e. i personally have been calling him a consolation prize since we signed him and haven't been impressed with him at all since we've gotten him. the only thing he showed last year was that he can score... nothing else. he doesn't do anything else on the basketball court at an above-average level. he's not even a top-tier power forward any more but is still getting 20 million a year? combine that with his questionable knees and if i had to choose between one one-dimensional-can-only-score type of player, i'd choose melo over amar'e because melo isn't the one playing on two knee surgeries.

having two players who only score and do absolutely nothing else on the floor is NOT a winning recipe. the knicks will never win big with amar'e as their starting power forward, take that to the bank.
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