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Default Re: Gotham City Imposters (PSN/XBLA/Steam)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Im using targetting goggles now. How exactly do they work? I hit LB and just lock onto enemy. Thats it? I dont have to press anything or lock on them for an extended period of time?

Also I believe Wallflower perk counters them. I use that.

Rocking with the Gatekeeper and penetration ammo which to me helps me kill guys with armor quicker.

With the targeting goggles you'll see a red circle when you start locking on to them, then they'll light up and show through walls for a short while. It's why I usually use wallflower on my classes.

Starting using the nimble body type with a silenced gatekeeper, roller skates and wallflower. Been doing real well with it, gives you the speed to run right up on guys.
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