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Default Re: 2012 NCAA Tournament Discussion

Originally Posted by liquidrage
Part of it is the easy road.

Bonnies and Cincy aren't that hard of a matchup. Then a toss up game with Ohio St where FSU has the bigs and perimeter D to match up with OSU. And then a Melo-less Cuse team.

Every team has some bad losses except Kentucky and Cuse really. And Cuse isn't the same team it was this time last week because their inside D just took a huge hit.

And while your point about FSU isn't wrong per say IMO, FSU's also won 15 of their last 18 and that includes 8 of those games being against teams in the Tourney. And they went 7-1 in those last 8 against Tourney teams. That's a pretty solid record right there. They started off the year bad and since them have played like a Top 10 team easily.

And I also say you're underrating Snaer as a go to guy. And that they had already beaten Duke and UNC when both can be said to be healthy.

Florida State is also really Jekyll and Hyde-ish. They won at Duke and beat UNC by 33. They also lost to to a REALLY bad Boston College team, needed a shot at the buzzer to beat a 4-12 Virginia Tech in Tallahassee. They lost to Duke at home and at Miami (no Reggie and Johnson) by 16.

They're just really hard to get a pulse on.

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