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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: 3 way deal between Clips, Wizards, and Nuggets

What the shit did the Nuggets just do? I've always said McGee is super talented, but what the hell did they do to Nene? They don't like Brazilians?! That's screwed up.

McGee has talent...and he's stupid! Stupid enough I might have to take back anything I said about him ever being a good player, much less an all-star.

I said, they need to trade one of Nene and Afflalo...but I thought it'd be the latter...but to trade Nene to Washington, for McGee...and what, a 2nd round pick?

They better get Denver's 1st round pick. Come on man. Are they gonna be the team to offer McGee $14Million

And they still have Mozgov...Boston should have gone after him for a 1st round pick.
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