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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: GS trade SJax To Spurs for Richard Jefferson + 1st

Originally Posted by toxicxr6
I'm a die hard spurs fan.. I'm not 100% sure about this.

There were two areas that I thought the spurs needed to seriously address.
1. Back up pg.... Desperate here.. The have Neal and manu who have good handles but are much better at sg. Spurs needed a pg that can play 10-15 mins.

2. A quality defensive big man. Blair can be handy depending on match ups. If the math ups are bad.. This guy is useless. Bonner is inconsistant.. The only thing he has consistancy as is hitting open 3's in the regular season and his inability to defend. Duncan and tiago are not enough if spurs draw finals series against a big front court.. Where the west is loaded with these.

Now to the trade...

RJ although underachieving was still our starting SF. I expect now leonard and green to share significant minutes here.. But if they were better options they would have been starting over RJ already.. They weren't.. So SF can be thin now.

Now at SG.. Manu/sjax/Neal.. Are they ment to share minutes? I mean that is
Too stacked.. I want them all on the floor but that won't happen..

Maybe Neal moves over to pg alot more... I don't like that anyways.. Guy shoots the ball as good as anyone.. Alot less catch and shoot for him which sucks.

Jackson has not been focused at all this season. Now he has to be.. Lacking game time too isn't good.

Spurs probably have the best backcourt rotation in the league by far now. Question though is it enough to cover the holes that still exist in their roster. Hopefully there is a buyout they can pounce on.

Agreed. I'm not sure about this deal.
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