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Default Re: Make moves before the deadline?

Well its definitely not a good move, but I dont think its bad either. 'Average' is perhaps the most appropriate word to use. Wallace himself is a good asset, and can be traded as expirer next season. Lets revisit the draft pick protection mystery. We win if we get top 3 pick, and we lose if its 4-14.

Truth be told, we cant tank lower than the Bobcats, Wizards and Hornets anyway. Even as the fourth worst teams in NBA, the chance for us to actually get a No.4 pick is quite negligible. This requires ALL three teams worse than us to get top 3. Knowing the history of draft lottery, usually at least two teams other than the three worst will get top 3. In this case, that pick is most likely going to be a 6 if we are the fourth worst team in NBA(assume we do not win lottery again, like how it screwed us in 2010). Not mentioning 'competition' from the Raptors, Kings and Pistons can easily make it even worse.

So you think we can get a draftee better than Gerald Wallace at 6? Maybe, but its a huge gamble at that point. Yes we should not miss a chance to get draft prospects like Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, but are they really gonna drop to a 6th pick? I dont think so, it'd be better not to be a Yi Jianlian' type pick. We know Brook Lopez was drafted at 8, but anything below 3 is a huge gamble anyway. Cant expect to build around a draft prospect not in top 3 before the season begins.

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