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Default Re: The New-New York Knicks

D'Antoni's offense lives and dies by the point guard play.
Every Knicks point guard had some flashes of brilliance (Duhon,Felton,Lin) which led to a winning streak.
Once they were figured out or/and couldn't sustain that level of play the Knicks went to mediocre/poor plays once again.

In Phoenix he had Steve Nash who is one of the all-star greats. He's amazing and consistent with his play. That's why he had success with the Suns.

Lin is good but Amare and Melo are simply better scorers.
I agree with Woodson's decision to build offense around our 2 best offensive players.
What's the point of having 2 great/elite scorers on the team if they are going to shoot 10-15 shots a game ?
Their defense isn't very good so if you won't let them play their game and give them a lot of touches it's better to trade them for some guys who are efficient and can play defense very well.
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