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Default Re: Cowboys Free Agency/Draft suggestions... How realistic could this be?

Originally Posted by Riddler
Unfortunately I don't see how our signing of Dan Conner is gonna be much of an improvement over Bradie & Brooking... We're really hoping Second Round Pick Bruce Carter can do something this year.

Inside Linebackers:

Sean Lee
Dan Conner
Bruce Carter

is there a fourth?

And right now... who else do we have at safety? Did Sensabaugh and Elam walk?
Bruce Carter will likely be a starter this year...he was recovering from ACL surgery last year and only played in 10 games, and just special teams.

He was supposedly a 1st round talent that fell to us in the 2nd because of the ACL hopefully we have a hidden stud there.

Brady James is still on the roster though I think...but I guess he could still be released?...I'm not sure wtf is going on with James.
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