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Default Re: The New-New York Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
We already have too many people in our rotation as it is. Woodson has said he would like to shave it down to 8, 9 at the most. That's how it should be. This isn't little league. Everyone doesnt get to play and get a ribbon at the end.

While I was pushing really hard for us to make a blockbuster trade, I wish we would have traded a guard for a big man. Doesn't have to be a big time guy. Turiaf got waived yesterday after the trade. Honestly, if I didn't hear about all the crap he was talking about the team when he got traded, I wouldnt mind bringing him back.
I agree with you here on Ronny, as the team didn't really wanna get rid of him.

They had to, to sign Chandler, and I yes, I do think his mouth may have coast him a golden opportunity.

Waiving Bibby signing Turiaf makes far too much sense.
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