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Default Re: The New-New York Knicks

Originally Posted by knickscity
I agree with you here on Ronny, as the team didn't really wanna get rid of him.

They had to, to sign Chandler, and I yes, I do think his mouth may have coast him a golden opportunity.

Waiving Bibby signing Turiaf makes far too much sense.

Well I dont know if Turiaf's comments ever became public. I just know what he was saying to my friend. I liked what he brought to the table as a backup big man, but his gossip behind the scenes was a bit reckless. To say Amare doesnt play D isnt any new revelation btu to act like you were his saviour is ridiculous. C'mon man. Amare could walk off the court on defense and I'd still rather play him over Turiaf.
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