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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: Nene to Wizards, J.McGee to Nuggets, Nick Young to Clippers

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
What Denver team do you watch? You do realize Denver leads the league in FTA, right? Or that they dropped something like 92 points in the paint against Sacramento?

Denver will never be a perimeter team, they chuck 3's up that's about it. Nene's been out for 15+ games this year anyways. That "post presence" wasn't there most of the time.

Honestly think this trade is as simple as correcting your mistake. Faried showing that he can be a player, and Denver's depth, Wilson Chandler.
I think maybe this is the best take. This will free up some time for Faried whom I love as a player. No matter how unskilled someone is, and im not saying Faried is, I always fall in love with players who play their hearts out for every play of every minute they get. He will be a great player.
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