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Default Re: Jeremy Lamb's Missed Dunk

I don't have one iota of an issue with that play. I feel end-of-game situations are quickly getting out of hand in this regard where suddenly, it's not okay to keep trying if you're winning or losing. Heaven forbid a player plays out the entire 40 minutes.

It reminds me when the Mavericks had a game in hand last year but the opposing team refused to give up and was hard pressing the full length of the floor. As such, Brian Cardinal stepped up with a big screen at mid-court. Folks objected to the screen, but it's a basketball game and the clock was still ticking. It's how these things work.

In the game last night, I'm doubting Iowa State cared that a player on a team that was about to lose to them by double digits stole the ball with four seconds left. A complete non-issue.
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