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Default Re: whenever I play ball my knees hurt

Originally Posted by fljumper
No one has any input on my shin splint issue? lol... I'm trying everything to my knowledge... figure there has to be someone else who balls outta control with bad shin splints... and the remedy for them, lol

First of all make sure your shoes are ok.

If you playing on concrete and getting shin splints it is quite standard. You want to stretch and warm up before you start playing, and honestly I think you want to just keep on trucking. One thing to take note of as has been said by other people is that you have to watch out for your knees.

You don't want to jump as hard. If you have very fast-twitch fibers you may very well have more vertical on a very hard concrete floor then you have on wood, but this doesn't mean that your joints, shins, and knees are ready for you to use this explosiveness. Almost no one tears muscles as a result of explosive athletic activity, it is always the joints that suffer, so you need to strengthen those.

Shin splints in particular though aren't an issue of joints it's an issue of how fast you stop, and change direction, so you want to stretch your ankle, and you want to practice quality running, and strengthen your front calves.
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