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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

I find this back-and-forth about who may or may not be intimidating at a certain age to be completely aside from the point.

For those who are quite familiar with the story, has there been any information released as to how Zimmerman ultimately came in contact with Martin? I've followed up on a couple of links but so far I haven't come across a clear answer of how their paths ultimately crossed. The Zimmerman phone call ends with him following Martin, as he was told he didn't have to do. Did Zimmerman eventually catch up to him and engage? I assume as such, but I know better than to always assume things in cases like this.

Further, I undoubtedly believed the screams heard on the phone call were that of Martin, until I read a few comments from folks who believed the screams were actually coming from Zimmerman. Reading further, that's still a hang up with police, correct? They think it might be Zimmerman yelling for help? Is there a way they'll be able to tell who it is yelling, definitively?

If that's indeed Martin yelling, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that a random neighborhood watch volunteer can become suspicious of anyone he feels, pursue them, then ultimately become a part of a scuffle that leads to the shooting death of an innocent victim. Yes, a very large issue is the fact that Zimmerman's initial suspicion may have stemmed from the fact that Martin's black. However, race aside, what Zimmerman did appears to be wrong on thirty seven thousand different levels.

I'm quite curious to hear what happened between the end of Zimmerman's call and the final gunshot. From all the surrounding information, we seem to be able to fill in the blanks, but I know sometimes things don't always add up how we think they do, so I suppose I'll hang on for more.

I'm just trying to put a picture together. If I'm walking in a neighborhood of a relative (that is to say, a neighborhood that I'm not completely familiar with) and I see a man staring at me talking on the phone, very likely about me, what would I do? If he then pursued me, then what would I do? If he tried to then physically detain me, would I counter-act? If he told me the police were on their way, would I get salty and defensive? I'm struggling to see a way how Zimmerman somehow does not receive any blame here.

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