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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I find this back-and-forth about who may or may not be intimidating at a certain age to be completely aside from the point.
agreed. im sorry that i was involved with derailing this thread. should have just ignored the troll.
Further, I undoubtedly believed the screams heard on the phone call were that of Martin, until I read a few comments from folks who believed the screams were actually coming from Zimmerman. Reading further, that's still a hang up with police, correct? They think it might be Zimmerman yelling for help? Is there a way they'll be able to tell who it is yelling, definitively?

i think it was almost certainly martin yelling. first there is one gunshot, then the screaming gets really loud. after the second gunshot the screaming instantly stops. the theory that zimmerman was yelling for help doesnt make a lot of sense considering the timeline with the two gunshots.

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