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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by Rake2204
That's my thought as well. I never for a second thought otherwise until I lingered down to the comments section. Then, after reading a related article on how some folks insisted it was Zimmerman, I began trying to stretch my imagination and paint other scenarios in my head. I wondered if Martin could have somehow turned the tables and was serving up a rightfully vicious beating upon Zimmerman for trying to detain or confront a random person walking around until Zimmerman was able to reach his weapon and discharge it in response.

Or, as much as this sounds like a movie, I put together a scenario where maybe Zimmerman attempted to detain Martin by flashing his pistol, at which point fighting commenced, with a battle over the weapon, creating hysteria on both ends as lives were at stake.

But to be sure, none of the scenarios I could dream up featuring Zimumerman as the screamer seem to make any lick of sense in the long run. Logically speaking, this paints itself as Martin yelling for his life before being gunned down by someone who decided in his head who he wanted to be "suspicious". Cliche, but it reminds me of the scene in Crash where the passenger is reaching into his waistband for his plastic Jesus while getting a ride home, leading to his being gunned down.

As we know though, prosecutors are going to need evidence as opposed to logic in terms of figuring out what happened between the end of Zimmerman's phone call and the beginning of the call featuring the screams.
No offense rake. But it seems as if your trying to justify this act if violence against this kid. After reading comments? The prosecutors are gonna need evidence? There's a dead kid, a 911 phone call, and eye witness accounts. How much more evidence is needed
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