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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
No offense rake. But it seems as if your trying to justify this act if violence against this kid. After reading comments? The prosecutors are gonna need evidence? There's a dead kid, a 911 phone call, and eye witness accounts. How much more evidence is needed
Nah none taken. I knew what I was trying to say might be conveyed in that manner. The best I can do is say I'm not trying to justify his actions. Instead, I'm trying to fight my gut reaction (which is to say this guy was nuts and clearly killed the kid for no freaking reason) to try to find out the logical explanation as to why he's not arrested yet. I'm not big on going the "Crooked Conspiracy" route first. Instead, I try to take a step back and discover what is presented to be the true reasoning behind decisions made in this case by a police department.

In truth, I don't see this guy not eventually being arrested. But I don't know enough about the law. Even if, in some crazy strange set of circumstances it did end up being self-defense, can he not be charged for accosting and engaging an innocent, non-suspicious victim, ultimately leading to his death?

Further, and maybe this is me being oblivious and finally seeing the point you've all been trying to make, can someone not be detained on suspicion of murder? Is there not enough weird, strange things about this case to at least make the police say, "You know what? We might want to apprehend this guy and dig a little deeper." Of do they need to dig deeper first before apprehension? Will they need to definitively figure out what happened in that in-between moment before making a move?

Originally Posted by Dictator
I still can't believe that accepted that self defense BS.

200 pound man with a gun > 140 pound kid with skittles
To re-affirm, I don't think it was self-defense. I think that's the kid yelling in the tape and I think Zimmerman shot him for no reason other than to follow through on his own ignorant train of thought. However, to draw a lame conclusion, Zimmerman sounds like a complete wimp. If a dude's 200 pounds but he's a coward, he could get his face beat by any size of 17 year old. So, depending on other facts (there seems to be a ton to support Zimmerman being crazy), using the 200 vs. 140 reasoning wouldn't work at all.

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