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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by Rake2204
To re-affirm, I don't think it was self-defense. I think that's the kid yelling in the tape and I think Zimmerman shot him for no reason other than to follow through on his own ignorant train of thought. However, to draw a lame conclusion, Zimmerman sounds like a complete wimp. If a dude's 200 pounds but he's a coward, he could get his face beat by any size of 17 year old. So, depending on other facts (there seems to be a ton to support Zimmerman being crazy), using the 200 vs. 140 reasoning wouldn't work at all.

Dude had a "gun". Gun > No Gun, No matter how cowardly this guy was, I'm pretty sure some teenager could not fight off a larger opponent with a deadly weapon.
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