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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by Dictator
Dude had a "gun". Gun > No Gun, No matter how cowardly this guy was, I'm pretty sure some teenager could not fight off a larger opponent with a deadly weapon.
I think we're veering because I don't think this was a case of a 140 pounder bullying a 200 pounder. As I said, my personal feeling is this kid was murdered, wrongfully. I was just speaking in general. In this case, even if the teen fought back when encountered, you're right, the guy with the deadly weapon did "win".

Zimmerman sounds like he's got real-deal issues. Calling 911 47 times on New Year's Eve sounds insane. His audio clip from this event sounds insane; talking about the kid likely being on drugs, hand in his waistband. He follows and chases despite being told not to.

Here's where I'm looking for understanding of law though. What is self-defense? Does one's life have to be at risk in order to shoot in self-defense? As such, could this guy's life possibly been at risk from a guy with no weapons? Further, can someone accost an innocent civilian to the point of creating a physical exchange, then shoot when threatened? Both of those hypotheticals sound ridiculous but lawfully, can a person like Zimmerman hide behind something to that effect?
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