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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12 Playoffs

Maccabi has been spending all year in such a crappy leagues like Adriatic and Israel that I think they forget what it is like against really good teams after a long Euroleague lay off.

I mean they play not even a single decent club in those two leagues. The level of play in Adriatic League is like 3 levels below a level against a club like PAO.

So it's natural for this IMO. A long lay off from Euroleague would have them out of rhythm. While on the other hand, PAO has played Olympiacos twice recently, and they games went down to the last possession of the game.

So they were fully prepared for the level of Euroleague playoffs and Maccabi wasn't.

With that being said though, clear problems of Maccabi were exposed in this game. They lack a good point guard. Ohayon is a nice player, but he should be playing as a 10-15 minute secondary option at PG.

Papaloukas can only guard the 3 now, so he's not an option there. Mallett is not a player for a club like Macacbi.

Then their front court is way too small. They just have Sofo with good size. Hendrix, James, Eliyahu are too undersized and were just demolished inside on defense by the big front line of PAO.

I am not sure what Blatt was thinking with this way he built Maccabi. Too small in the front court and no real first tier point guard in the team.

Of course last year, Olympiacos won game 1 by 48 against Siena and lost the next three games, but they had 3 main players injured in the process.

It looks like if PAO just stays healthy that they have this. They just have to win the home games, and Maccabi looked terrified in OAKA.
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