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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I think its called 'stand your ground law' in Florida. If someone threatens your life, you have the right to defend your self (but I believe the threat has to be proportional... You cant shoot a person for pushing you...) You cant shoot an unarmed person and claim self defense in any instance that I know of. Here in Philly I think that you can only kill a person like that if you defending yourself in your home. There is some other provision where you have to retreat and then if cornered you can use lethal force..

But none of that seems to apply to this guy. Seems like he simply had black dudes targeted and eventually this was going to happen...

The unique tragedy here is the fact that police wont do their jobs... Self defense is something that a person claims in court... not at the scene of a crime... You tell a judge why you should go free even though you did indeed commit murder.. I dont see how the cops get to decide that on the scene
Thanks, I was doing a little more reading on the case today and I saw mention of Florida's "Stand your ground" law, which seems to differ from laws set by most other states. I still believe the outcome of this case will not work in Zimmerman's favor (rightfully so) but I do find it strange, as you said, that police were so willing to write things off at the scene and not arrest him initially.
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