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Default How depressing is it being a Nets fan right now?

allow me to take a moment and keep it real. after i'm done being depressed for a while i intend to go back to being hopeful again:

- howard has slipped away for another year. who knows if we'll ever really have a shot at him. who knows what kind of fortune we'd have to pay if we did manage to get him in trade one day.

- our 2012 pick is gone for little compensation unless the ping pong balls bounce right. odds are not in our favor, and that trade is looking stupider by the day.

- if you were d-will this offseason, would you really want to sign away your prime years for a rebuilding project, or would you want to do something like join dallas for a championship hunt?

- after years of suffering through a rebuilding process, we are looking at the very real possibility of doing it all over again. lopez and brooks are nice players, but let's be honest-- they're too little to really be satisfied with for all the time spent rebuilding. all of the other players who were going to be real good for us -- courtney lee, terrence williams, CDR, ryan anderson, yi jianlin, josh boone, etc -- are nothing more than awkward memories. teams that we looked down on yesterday, like the t-wolves and the cavs, are now ahead of us in both development and in the standings.

- prokhy is clearly focused on politics more than anything else, and if it continues, we can expect him to sell the team based on what he himself said. so much for enjoying the power of 'the richest owner in sports'.

- barclays is obviously going to be great, but you don't become a top team by virtue of your facility. it's not going to save us or directly make us better, at least not right away. we are not going to have the full drawing power and influence of the knicks for at least several years.

- are billy king and avery johnson really the solution for the future?

anything else?
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