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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12 Playoffs

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
what happend ? I wish this game was on TV .

Watch the replay when it comes on YouTube. It was an epic game by Olympiacos. One of the all time classics for them.

Regardless of what is being claimed by zizozain, the refs completely tried to rig the game. They called a bunch of phantom fouls on Spanoulis, including a 5th foul that was ridiculous.

They also called some ridiculous fouls on Dorsey that were just laughable. On the other hand, I saw just one bad foul call on Siena, against Lavrinovic in the whole game.

They were totally trying to rig the game, and yet Olympiacos came back 5 against 8, down by 10 points late in the game.

Acie Law was terrific down the stretch of the game, so were Dorsey, Hines, Printezis. This series is going to be tremendous. I could see this being one of the best series ever.

David Andersen......was just amazing the whole game.

McCalebb didn't look good at all in the second half. Olympiacos is athletic and defensive minded and McCalebb looked totally out of it against such a team. Siena played much better when Zisis was running the team.

McCalebb will have to pick up his game for Siena to come back.

I expect Siena to win game 2, because they have the refs totally on their side. 8-5 the whole game.

But, Siena won't be able to win at Piraeus if McCalebb does not play better.

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